Achieving straight teeth is a common aspiration for patients from their early teenage years all the way up into adulthood, and thankfully, technological and material advancements have meant we now have a diverse range of options for patients seeking to enhance the alignment of their teeth.

At our dental clinic in Milton Keynes, we recognise the uniqueness of every set of teeth and understand that tailored solutions are essential. Our specialists offer a multitude of treatment options to suit many different needs; whether you prefer traditional braces for their reliability, invisible aligners for a discreet approach, or other advanced treatments, our goal is to provide you with a personalised solution that not only straightens your teeth but also aligns with your individual preferences and requirements.

Our Dental Treatments For Straight Teeth

To assist you in making an informed decision about the ideal treatment for straightening your teeth, we have meticulously compiled a comprehensive guide outlining all available options, the benefits and detailed insights of each treatment. This enables you to decide which treatment or procedure suits your needs and requirements, allowing you to begin your journey to a confident smile.

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Braces have stood the test of time and have become a widely prevalent solution for people looking to address their dental issues and straighten their teeth. Their benefits extend beyond just cosmetic improvements, impacting oral health, function and overall appearance, too. They can correct many dental problems, such as crooked, rotated, crowded or even gapped teeth.

How Do Braces Work?

Braces function by using consistent yet gentle pressure on your teeth to gradually shift them into their proper positions. While the transformation occurs slowly over time, the pace at which teeth reposition can vary among individuals and the exact ways the teeth are shifted depends on the braces you opt to use. Despite these differences, the ultimate goal remains to enhance the alignment of the teeth, contributing to improved oral health and a more aesthetically pleasing smile.

Types Of Braces

At our dental clinic in Milton Keynes, we are fortunate to have a team that is highly experienced and knowledgeable in orthodontics and can expertly fit various types of braces, helping you towards a confident smile and healthy mouth. The different types you can find include:

  • Traditional Metal Braces: The most commonly employed braces, this tried and true type, have consistently demonstrated their reliability, trustworthiness and effectiveness. The process involves securing high-quality metal brackets and wires to facilitate seamless and precise tooth movements. The constant popularity of our metal braces is a testament to their proven track record in providing successful results for all of our clients seeking teeth straightening treatments.
  • Discreet Invisible Braces: Our discreet and invisible braces provide an excellent solution for those seeking a more inconspicuous alternative. These clear aligners offer a host of advantages, such as easy removal during meals or cleaning, which adds a layer of convenience and flexibility to the teeth straightening process. Not only this, it enables our clients to undergo teeth straightening without drawing attention, making it an appealing choice for people who require both effectiveness and subtlety in their orthodontic treatment.
  • Ceramic Braces: These are fairly similar to metal braces; however, they are more discreet in that they are made of ceramic and are often made in either clear or tooth-coloured materials, which make for a more subtle option for those who are conscious about their metal braces. They have the same orthodontic process as metal braces and usually have the same control and strength as metal braces; however, they tend to be larger, which is harder to clean around and are also more prone to staining from different foods that you eat with them on as they are not removable.
  • Lingual Braces: For an even more discreet yet not removable option, lingual braces are a brilliant option. They are fitted behind your teeth, pushing them into position whilst remaining inconspicuous. However, these can usually be more expensive than traditional braces options, and you’ll still have to stay away from foods that can get stuck in the braces, such as popcorn!
  • Dental Treatments


    Invisalign is a type of clear aligner that is made from flexible thermoplastic materials, which allows our private dentist in Milton Keynes to use our innovative 3D technology to create an image of your mouth and jaw, which will help us to custom-make and mould the aligner to the exact measurements of your teeth.

    How Does Invisalign Work?

    Your custom aligners apply pressure to your teeth and will shift them into position, much like braces; however, as your teeth gradually move, you will be given a new aligner around every week or two to suit the new positioning of your teeth. Our Invisalign in Milton Keynes can help with a variety of issues, such as crowding and spacing issues or even over and underbites and have been proven to be quite effective in straightening teeth, allowing them to be a comfortable, trustworthy and convenient approach to teeth straightening.

    Benefits Of Invisalign

    Getting our Invisalign treatment offers a multitude of benefits, such as:

    • Limited Lifestyle Disruption: Our Invisalign treatment seamlessly fits your lifestyle. It has no dietary restrictions, as the aligners can be quickly taken out when eating and drinking, and you can continue living comfortably without having to worry about any food getting caught in brackets or wires.
    • Enhanced Aesthetics: As Invisalign aligners are clear and practically invisible, they integrate into your natural teeth and allow you to smile confidently without feeling insecure about your treatment.
    • Improved Oral Health: Due to our Invisalign aligners being removable, you can quickly and effectively brush and floss your teeth, which will help to reduce tooth decay, gum disease and any discoloured marks on your teeth.
    • Comfort And Convenience: Made from smooth, BPA-free plastic, our Invisalign in Milton Keynes is innovatively designed to be comfortable and pain-free. They can be easily removed and re-applied, making them a convenient option to integrate into your life.
    • Composite Bonding

      Composite bonding, or dental bonding, is a treatment that helps rectify any minor tooth damage or discolouration you may be experiencing. It is quick and effective and is designed to reshape, recolour, and recontour your natural teeth. This treatment offers instant results and allows you to leave our dental clinic in Milton Keynes feeling a newfound confidence.

      How Does Composite Bonding Work?

      A resin material is chosen by your dentist, which seamlessly matches the colour of your tooth and allows for a completely natural finish. Next, the tooth surface is roughened using a conditioning gel or mild etching solution to help the adherence; this helps to maintain the non-invasive approach to composite bonding as no injection or surgery is required. A bonding agent is then applied to the tooth surface, providing a foundation for the resin before the resin is carefully moulded to each tooth, which helps to achieve the desired outcome and aesthetic. A curing light is used to harden the resin, allowing you to bite down comfortably as soon as the appointment ends!

      This meticulous procedure ensures a natural look by blending with the tooth’s colour and maintains a non-invasive approach, offering both aesthetic enhancements and convenience to patients.

      Essential Rules For Composite Bonding

      When getting composite bonding, there are a few rules to follow once finishing with treatment that our dentists recommend:

      • Avoid tea, coffee, smoking, or any food prone to staining for at least 48 hours to help your composite bonding stay as pristine as possible.
      • Brush your teeth often and see your hygienist regularly to help maintain good oral health, ensuring your composite bonding stays strong and unstained.
      • Avoid biting your nails or chewing hard items such as pen lids, making your composite bonding prone to chipping. Bonds aren’t as strong as your natural tooth, so it’s important to take precautions to prevent damage and extra costs.

      With our highly skilled and award-winning team of dentists, we can confidently say that your composite bonding treatment will not require multiple sessions or a long waiting time, and it will also be a painless experience with no invasiveness, helping those nervous about the dentist to feel as comfortable, as possible!


      Our veneers can improve your smile appearance, giving you a more even and whiter smile whilst still maintaining the light-reflecting qualities of natural teeth, enabling a natural-looking result. Not only this, but veneers are also a long-lasting treatment that can last over ten years with the appropriate care; they resist staining more than composite bonding and are even more durable.

      What Are Veneers?

      Veneers are custom-made thin moulding made from porcelain bonded to the tooth’s front surface. As they are a cosmetic treatment, they can be used to effectively and quickly help crooked, chipped, stained or gapped teeth. Veneers are designed to mimic the size, shape and colour of your teeth to create an extremely natural look.

      How Are Veneers Fitted?

      To fit your veneers, our skilled dentists will first off conduct a thorough, comprehensive examination of your teeth and gums; they will invest care and time to understand your goals and aspirations for your future smile, enabling the creation of a tailored treatment plan, helping you to achieve perfected results! They will then begin by prepping your teeth for the veneers by removing the thin layer of enamel to ensure a seamless fit for the veneers. Precise impressions are then taken of your teeth to craft custom-made veneers that align perfectly with the measurements of your teeth and mouth. Our dentists always utilise our innovative and advanced materials to craft your veneers, which will then be safely and comfortably fitted with a strong adhesive. You can then leave our private dentist in Milton Keynes feeling newly confident and with a dazzling smile.

      Benefits Of Veneers

      As with all of our treatments, veneers have a host of benefits, for example:

      • Dramatic Transformation: Veneers can dramatically improve and enhance the appearance of your smile. They correct various dental issues such as discolouration, crooked or misshapen teeth and gaps.
      • Completely Customised: Veneers are completely custom-made and tailored to match your natural teeth and your ideal outcome, ensuring seamless and natural-looking results.
      • Long-Lasting Results: Along with the proper care, veneers can last for over ten years and supply you with a long-lasting, beautiful smile.

      The Best Treatment For Straight Teeth

      With a comprehensive overview of our diverse teeth straightening treatments, you can now decide on the suitable treatment for you, tailored to your specific goals, requirements, and dental conditions. Whether you lean towards the reliability of traditional braces, the inconspicuous nature of invisible aligners, or the aesthetic appeal of composite bonding, our range of options ensures there is a suitable solution for every individual.

      Our specialists at our dentist in Milton Keynes have a wealth of knowledge in all things teeth, awarding you with expert advice and help to support you in your decision, and are always happy to discuss your options with you. If you need more information on any of our treatments, feel free to contact us now to get started on your treatment plan and journey with us!

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